Stephanie Carbonneil Arguello, her son Stan, her husband and Dr Yan Li in Romsey.
Mr Phillp Shepherd and Dr Yan Li in Dr Yan Clinic.

Stephanie Carbonneil - Infertility

Laura Mesiti - Infertility, Period & Vertigo

Qin Cai - Infertility

Marry Al Aswad - Infertility

Rosie PoytressInfertility

Mrs Claire Sutton-infertility

Elizabeth Gale-Hot flushes

Andrew Miller-Depression

Derek Jordan -- Ligament damage in shoulder

Eleen Holt -- Hand Pain, Tiredness & more 

Jo Parsons -- Psoriasis

Natasha Miller-Psoriasis, h pylori infection,digest system disorder

Stanley Mclachlan --  painful hips,varicose veins,breathlessness

Dasa Manaskova - Sinusitis, Back pain, Neck and Shoulder pain

Elaine Evans--polymyalgia reumatica & autoimmune disorder 

Ray Humphrey -- Lower back pain 

Sylvia Alexander - Back & Knee Pain

Melanie Fowler -- Vertigo

Marion Smith - Labyrinthitis- Sinusitis - Blocked eustachian tube

Maxine Turner - Headaches

Carole Yates - Migraines & Severe Nausea

Charlotte Teschner - Headaches, Ezcema & Food Intolerances

Marie Smith - Arthritis in knees

Lucy Best - Tennis Elbow

Sam Mitchell - Lower back & Hip Pain

Cindy Pettitt - Migraines & Disc Problems

Joyce Head - Knee Arthritis

Ken Parsons - Vision Problems

Jane East - Headache

David Brandford - Backpain

Lana Trybush - Allergies

Jonathan Howe - Hayfever & more

Sarah Holden - Shoulder Problem

Philip Shepard - Sciatica & Sacroiliitas

Derek Drake - Frozen Shoulder

Sarah Barnes - Lower Back Pain

Magaret Bush - Cystitis & more

 Nathan Dekard - Stomach Problems & more 

Alastair Penfold - Insomnia & Migraines

Nick Loader - Shoulder & Hip pain

Roy Lucas - Balance & Ear Problems

Alastair Harris - Crohns Disease

Norman Tierney - Back Pain

Cho Fat Lee - After Stroke

Jacueline Green - Hand Arthritis

Colin Harding - Insomnia & Ankle Pain

Ann Smith - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Frank Newman - Pain after Hip Replacement

Roy Gannaway - Lumbosacral Pain Syndrome 

Marie Smith-Contracture of palmar fascia

Hugh Dorritt-Shoulder pain

William Stanley-Shoulder pain

Nigel bratherton-Back Pain

Elizabeth Gale-Hot flushes

Sandra Torrance-- hearing problem

Edward Crump-High blood pressure

Adam Fulham-Sports injury 

Veronia Tolli--Palpitation & Insomnia During Pregnancy


Mrs Cindy Pettitt and Dr Yan Li in Dr Yan Clinic.
Stephanie Carbonneil Arguello, her son Stan, her husband and Dr Yan Li in Romsey.
Mrs Marion Smith and Dr Yan in Romsey.
​Mrs Elaine Evans and Dr Yan in Romsey
Mrs Claire Sutton with Dr Yan in Romsey

​lots more testimonial coming soon

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